Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Soaring Hope

After a week of mental ordeal for most of us, but a painful "secret" for Dad, I finally got a breakthrough with him.

I finally was able to persuade Dad to see the doctor for the high fever and chest congestion he had been having for three nights in the past week, but tried very hard to hide by acting normal.

I can never understand Dad and cannot imagine how painful and scared he must have been all those days when he was sick. Often in his sleep, he mumbled with arms flailing in the air and legs twitching as if he was being disturbed. It made Mom really worried about him.

I suppose Dad even hallucinated a man he thought was familiar but unsure of his identity who kept vigil by his side whenever he laid down to sleep. One time, the person smiled warmly at him and asked for his permission to pray in the house.

It freaked Dad so much that he did not sleep in his own bedroom for a few days. It scared Mom immensely, even thinking it could have been a paranormal!

Under the pretext of our casual visit, I enticed him to tag along with us for an outing. Upon his acceptance, I made Dad felt obligated to see the doctor "so that you have medicines for the common flu and fever on standby."

Wifey, Sonny and I fetched both Dad and Mom from their home to Woodlands Polyclinic for the checkup.

Fortunately, with the newly revamped clinic came even better efficiencies in the service and waiting time. Dad was in the consultation room within the hour. I showed the attending doctor Dad's prescriptions from SGH, told her about his past and present medical history as well as his recent bout of flu and high fever.

I also requested that Dad should have medications for the common illnesses that do not react adversely to Warfarin, an anti-coagulation that he is currently on.

I was totally relieved when the doctor found that Dad was no longer feverish; only a chest congestion that was not serious or life-threatening. Both Dad and Mom were equally, if not more than relieved when I explained to them later.

"We should just come here," Dad quipped when I returned from the Pharmacy with his medicines to the waiting area, "no need to go to the hospital."

I heard you, Dad.

The nagging, hard part was over. And so started, the good and memorable happenings of the day as life has intended for all of us.

Had our hearty meal at Mr. Teh Tarik - Mom's recommended eating place just across the road from the polyclinic. At one point Wifey and I thought our old folks shared a romantic moment when they shared a Black Spider drink together.

Nope. As venomous as the name suggested, it was just an innocent rip-off of the A&W Rootbeer Float drink.

Sonny left for home to cramp for his midyear exams in May while we hopped on a cab and headed to Carrefour Hypermart in Suntect City and spend the day with our folks.

On the way up the escalator at Suntec City, Dad told me something that made my day...

"You mother's stronger and brave whenever we're out with you." Dad said as we watched Mom and Wifey going up the escalator in front of us. I was holding her folded wheelchair.

"Just now she climbed the stairs to cross the road and now this." Dad continued, "She gets energetic being around you both." Referring to Wifey and me.

It is nice to know that we are able promote positive thinking on Mom... to not feel helpless but high-spirited around us. I do hope Dad feels the same way too.

Dad bought a light and portable beach chair at Carrefour. He "want to put it in the garden to relax." A good idea, since Dad spends a lot of time tending to his potted plants in his corridor garden and the plants reciprocate with displays of beautiful blooms. A private showcase that should be admired up close on a comfortable chair.

The best part of the day was when we sat by the bay at The Esplanade.

"Your father loves to look out to the sea for hours." Mom said, "He's not strong anymore."

My heart sank and I was speechless for a while, but I told Mom that I hope to be just like them with Wifey...

Married for the longest of time, sticking by and supporting one another through the darkest of times together. Blessed with many children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who adore them dearly.

In their golden years, they have no worries about money. A warm and beautiful home with no mortgage to fuss over, financially independent even with some extras to go on tours! A wonderful life in a large, close-knitted family. A full life.

"We still have you both."

Mom smiled and nodded slightly, eyes looking far beyond the body of water in front of her, "I always pray for all my children to be in His care."

We saw a couple of Sea Eagles flying by and circling the waters in front of us. Majestic and graceful, the birds soared above us and dived into the water to catch its prey. It was totally awesome to witness something like that in urban Singapore. It was totally unexpected to actually see these birds in uptown financial district!

Yet, the thing that amazed me most was Dad's wisdom.

"They are usually a couple." Dad uttered, eyes tracking the birds flying above, "The nest should be near... on top of one of these buildings."

It was like National Geographic... me being the photographer while Dad, the narrator. "They are very protective of their territory." He added.

We sat and talked at the same spot for hours. Two of my favourite women in my life must have gotten into some deep conversations that lasted all those hours. Dad was silent, smiling and eyes squinting at times, his mind must have been wandering farther than the body or water.

The once scenic bay, temporarily cluttered with construction activities of the Marina Bay Sands, glimmer with the reflected light of the water from the afternoon sun. The scene gradually changed to glittering walls of colorful lights at sun down.

A quick dinner at Makan Sutra and then a stroll by the bay towards the loud rock music a live band was playing at the bay's amphitheater. It proved to be too loud for my old folks.

Stayed a while to soak in the dazzling colors by the bay before we called headed for home.


  1. For the past couple of days I had been concerned about your dad, because it's been awhile since you made an entry in your blog. It's good to read about your interaction with your parents, and to see that your father can still enjoy life.

  2. Your parents are still enjoying their lives because they have a wonderful, dedicated son helping them to do so. I like the way you "tricked" Dad, and I must admit, I've done the same, many times. All for the good of his health. Your parents raised a terrific son, but you have free will, and always seem to go the extra mile. I admire that, & I enjoy reading your entries very much. Admirably unsentimental, but moving nonetheless.~Mary

  3. yes, it's been a while since you've told us what's going on. like Donna said, it's great to see that your Dad is doing o.k.
    your pictures- beautiful! I really do think that I would love to see the city some day.

  4. It is great to see that your dad is doing fine. You are a great son Imran. I loved hearing that you inspire your mom! Seeing your soaring eagle is such a hopeful and wonderful sight! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Hi Muhd,

    I've not been online for quite some time. I just now today got an internet server at my new place. It's taken a long while as I had a bad fall right after I got moved into my new place and hurt my ankle and a wheelchair and unable to walk or drive for a few weeks. Without my friends being there for me I would not have been able to function or get around. I would write a list of all the things I needed to take care of out in the world and they would wheel me out to their van and take me to all the places..and also to get food and groceries.

    What your mother said about how she feels more strong when with you all..and not so alone...I so know how she feels..for I feel if my family had been connected with me or we were all there for one another my life would feel much more "secure and safe" and I would not feel so alone and yes frightened at times. I've learned to get through the rough times and somehow always survive alone all these years..but now my friends that I had lived with for a while are now there for me when I fell! I had not clue what it feels like to know that someone is always there for you that you are not alone in this I do know a bit better that I am not completely alone and that some people do actually have concern about my well being. It does help you to feel more "strong" and better about life in yes your mother is right it does make a difference that in times of deep worry and concern in life there are people to all help lift one another up..just by their prescence.

    I'm so sorry Muhd you are going through so much with the worry of your job and the is all very scary for so many of us right now...actually most of us all around the world. I hope that you and your family will be okay and get through it all..and will be able to afford to stay in your home and still have a good life. Maybe we are all experiencing all this now so that we will somehow learn to appreciate that "precious" things in life and not all material things are a must or a necessity..we can do without some of them..but we cannot do without one another and the love of our spirits...all connected as "one"...

    Love and Blessings to you and I think about your dad and hope he is doing as well as he possibly are being pretty challenged right now as many of us are but know that you are not alone Muhd...we are all here for you too!

    Love and Blessings,


  6. Oh the love that is shared between the generations! I always feel this when I read your post. It was nice to see a pic of your he struggles in health, you will some day look back at these days and cherish the time you have together. He still has the comfort only a father can give. Send him warm wishes from New Mexico(and of course to your mother and wife and son!)

  7. Hi to your wonderful family thinking and praying for you always and I hope to be back blogging in the next couple weeks when we return home from celebration of George's moms life Mothers Day.. Hope to post pics this read on your post lifted my spirits..and remember sometimes we are in the company of angels you just never know... I'll have to share a story 2 in fact where I believe this to be what happened to us..Remind me if you want to hear them it's wonderful..Keep up the good spirits will write in a couple of weeks been very hectic sorry to say and that bird eagle was incrediable..Anne & George

  8. Oh what beautiful photos, I esp love the one of your mother and wife. I enlarged it so I could see their beautiful faces and clothing, the flower your Wifey was wearing ... so much beauty. And the photo of your father was so sweet. The amazing shots you got of the eagles! How exciting that had to be to get those and witness it.
    It is too bad your father and mother were afraid of the "man" who your father sensed or "saw" while he was feverish. I feel strongly that it was a helpful presence. It was just a wonderful post to read about your outing and the good news that he is better, but esp being close and communicating together, it means so much, trust me when I say that from one who misses her parents and brother a great deal.
    I appreciate your posting on my blog also. You are a very special person and I send you Highest and Best Blessings with much compassion.

  9. Mike S said...
    What a terrific post!! Glad your folks are still able to spend time with you this way. I also love watching the ocean, and the area by the lion fountains always facinated me with all the 'lighters' coming and going from the quay up the canal. Do they still use them to off-load the ships at anchor?

    The bird photos are great too. It always amazes me how adaptable birds of prey are.

    As for eating, I always thought if you couldn't find something you want to eat in S'pore you can't be very hungry;)

  10. It's touching to see the family love between the generations. Hope all of you get many more special moments together.


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