Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kaleidoscope In Cactus

A trip to the Singapore Botanic Garden was a treat for me especially to practice my budding interest in photography.

The best subjects for photography are the still ones... trees and flowers are wonderful, but cactus are the very best. Simply, these plants are hardy and do not sway with the wind. Perfect still-life subjects for these shaky hands... and for my stubbornness of not wanting to put the camera on a tripod. A quick snap and I was onto the next subject.

Navigating and discovering the fantastic features of the camera, I shot these few out of the many other subjects I came across and had the pleasure of taking photo shots throughout the 52 hectares of this 150 year old garden. Well, I actually got to explore only about half of the tropical garden. Opportunities abound for my next trip.

With the help of iMac's iPhoto software, I was able to make my photos a little more dramatic than usual and with the help of a free-to-download AutoResizer program to reduce the size of each photo to a manageable size for the web upload and still decently retains its details.


  1. Great shots and thanks for sharing the photos of Botanic Gardens.

  2. Beautiful photography!
    I miss the Singapore Botanic Garden.I so enjoyed my every morning walks there!

  3. Muhd, I have a question about Macs. If you would, please email me at mosie1944 at (hope that keeps the spammers away).

  4. Gorgeous photos Imran. You could frame several of these beauties and hang them proudly.

  5. very nice pictures. I get to see those cactus every day around here. hehehehee

  6. Wow took some amazaing photos...I mean those are truly gorgeous.

    I do hope that you are having a great week.

    Lots of love to you and your wonderful family.

    Hope your dad is doing well.


  7. Great pics. I love walking round gardens...any type of garden interests me.
    Have taken my daughter Becky out for the afternoon...the pics will be on my next blog post...not got to it yet. Ha.

  8. Thank you all. I enjoy the beauty that nature showcases to all for free.


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