Monday, February 09, 2009

Then It's Me

Wifey coughs lots.

She even had to postpone her follow-up medical at Changi General Hospital to avoid the doctor increasing or maybe add on other medication for her condition.

She has been seeing the specialist at the hospital routinely for her asthma condition, but the flu has made her coughed out phlegm even more. This has been going on for almost 2 weeks.

Her insistence of not wanting to see a doctor has got something to do with what Sonny got late Saturday evening.

We were woken-up by him that night, saying that his head was like a throbbing bubble. He was running a temperature. Wifey made him take shower and Panadol before he could go back to sleep until in the morning.

I took him to the Yoong Family Clinic at Tampines St 33 on Sunday morning. He had a temperature of 38.2 Degrees Celsius when the doctor checked.

Sonny was complaining of throbbing headache and muffled hearing, bad sore throat and runny nose... common cold symptom.

"Mama gave me this sickness." Sonny uttered while he was taking his medication at MacDonald's after we had our breakfast. In my heart, I somewhat agreed with him... prolonging her sickness, we were bound to get infected too.

Looking at him soundly asleep in his room, it was a relief when Sonny finally said that his headache was gone whe he woke up for lunch. He was not feverish anymore as before several hours after taking the medicine, but the throat still hurt.

That was yesterday...

By Sunday night, I was feeling uncomfortable myself. Just like Wifey and then Sonny, I got the symptoms too, though mild but it was working its intensity very fast as the day progressed.

I was coughing badly at night and into the wee hours of the morning too. I could not get a good night's sleep because of the cough that kept me and Wifey now awoke.

By the time the alarm clock rang this morning, I had a bad headache as soon as I felt my throat was dry and painful. Yep. Got it full blown today.

I am on medical leave today after consulting Dr. Philip Koh at Healthway Tampines Clinic at Block 710. Just like Sonny who in fact, got 2 days medical leave off school due to his fever.

Wifey is going "cold turkey" and roughing it through... no idea why she rather endures that, but this home is off limits to any visitors for the next few days.

So do we have the Monday blues? You bet!


  1. Oh, the dreaded flu! Take care of yourself and family, especially Wifey; since she has asthma, the flu could be very dangerous for her.

  2. oh man I'm so sorry the whole family got it. I'm glad you and your son got some medical attention and some medicine.

    I wonder why your wife just doesn't want to get some temporary medicine and get well??

    whenever I get a cold like thing it never ever goes away, it moves into something much much worse and I have to go to the doctor.

    Hope everyone feels much better soon.

  3. there is nothing worse than the flu and all of you sick is not good either... noone to take care of each other.... they say chicken soup works wonders.... I wonder. Anyway I hope you are all feeling much better soon

  4. So sorry you all got the flu bug deal. Everyone here in the house I'm living in got sick also, including me. I'm still feeling quite achey and queasy..but it's slowly getting better...7 day flu they say.

    Maybe it might be good what your wifey is doing going "cold turkey" she may be allowing her immune system to fight instead of drugs or meds to just make her symptoms temporarily better for a bit. It's good for the body to sometimes fight on it's own so the immune system will know how to fight better the next time.

    I'm into alternative medicine and healing. I rarely take any medications other then herbs or accupuncture. When I take drugs it makes me feel like I'm numbing myself..but I must take one daily for something very important.

    We all depend on drugs and anti-biotics so much that now there are so many bacteria that know how to "trick" our bodies and the anti-biotics then don't work as well.

    Have any of you tried Echinachea and or goldenseal tincture or a glycerine form of both of them together to help your body fight things more naturally..without all those side affects of the drugs.

    Not sure maybe there in Singapore your Drs. already do sorry if you already know some of this..

    Get better all of you! Hope your Dad is doing good...thinking of all of you now.



  5. I hope that you are all feeling well soon, Imran!

  6. Get well soon! I have an award for you at my site.

  7. Be well ... hot bath, sweat it out, I agree with Rhiannon about your wife. I am very much the same and have not been to a doctor in ... I don't remember when. I have asthma since birth and things hit me hard, but I do my best to know what works for me and dose myself with herbs and vitamins. My husband felt ill last night and today worse ... I made a huge pot of soup and gave him Zinc lozenges, an herbal "throat coat" and bugged him about a bath (no, he chose not) but he went to work anyway. I realize there are times medicines are needed so I am not against that, but I do agree with your wife, and I am sure she would not wish to have given you the illness. Remember to wash your hands in very hot water and soap often now ... rest lots and no kissing on the lips ;oD
    p.s. Did my rain dance do you any good? We've had nearly all our snow melt (and it was mountainous!) and now there's mud and it's been raining all day and this week has been in the 60s! Very weird ... Think positive and don't have the collective consciousness that the flu bugs are out to get you (perhaps my 'fake it 'til you make it' philosophy sounds too simple). Be well, breathe deeply, have peace. Perhaps it is your body's way to tell you to "slow down" right now?

  8. Today is Thurs and we are checking in... Please tell me your better... Does Azi have an inhaler? She sounds like George when he was younger. George got a bad case of strep throat each year... He would do nothing for 4 days til it took a big toll then go for antibiotics.. He pulled this stunt for years til he finally got the message get help now don't wait plus we have flu shots that we get each year works great.. Do you have them there..? Be well is our prayer.


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