Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Raining, Man!

No! Not muscle hunks like the song goes... I do not understand that song anyway.

But yes! It rained heavily yesterday evening for a good hour!

I have never been so glad to see rain, complete with thunder and lightning so much as far as I can recall. I have always been a sunny-kind-of-person... sun, sand and sea guy.

The rain has somewhat given a reprieve actually from the drawn-out dry days we have been having here in Singapore. In fact, the news reported that this month has seen hotter days than other February months in the last 10 years.

And with it came over a hundred bushfire in forested areas across the island. Fortunately, not as massive and devastating as what Australia is experiencing now with over 300 deaths.

Strangely though, the nights have been much cooler and windy than normal days that made many locals not having to switch on their air-conditioners to sleep. This family for one does not use air-con and even resorted to covering ourselves with blankets to sleep.

Dark clouds gathered in the sky when I looked out of my bedroom window this morning. The weatherman says there will be rain for the rest of the week, but judging from the past few weeks, that guy has not been doing a good job with his predictions.

No. I do not blame the weatherman, I cannot really think of anyone to blame.

I think it is the course of nature. Mother earth repairing herself from the ravages of human consumption. Some extreme weather phenomenon experienced throughout the globe and taking with her many precious lives unfortunately. Yet, heal herself she must, to restore balance again from time to time.

Here, the first two months of the year have been mostly cloudy but with hardly any rainfall at all. So cloudy that it has hampered a good sighting of another phenomenon... the lunar eclipse on 26th January.

It would have been interesting to witness and take some shots with heavy filters...

Anyway, I am very happy that it rained yesterday.

On my way back from work last evening, I was conciously happy to feel the rain drops on my skin as I walked from the bus stop to my home.

It felt as if the trees and grasses gave thanks to the heavens for the rain that poured and quenched the thirst long endured during the draught.

I saw two birds bathing in a puddle of water at the side of the road. Happy birdies, the ones not perished in the many bushfire incidents here just this month alone.

The weatherman says it is going to rain. I hope he is right and I intend to help him with prayers for more rain. Oh yes, that rain dance did the trick too. So thanks to SisSTAR from all the way across the globe, for making it happen here.

All I need to do is get some tips from her to make my own rain...


  1. Oh, I am so very happy you are getting some much needed rain! And I truly hope you are all feeling lots better also. Isn't it so strange that you and your son and my husband ... miles apart ... are having the same symptoms?
    Yes, I did a rain dance a day or so after I told you I was going to (when?) ... I stood up facing in your direction (or so I hoped) and looked up with my arms high in the air, open, and prayed that you and wherever there was need would receive life-giving, nourishing rain and affirmed that it was so, danced around like I've seen Native Americans do a little, then I put my hands together like the Buddhist/Hindu greeting of Namaste and bowed low to The Source ... and for you, because I promised. But I didn't realize I would have to endure one entire day of rain here which melted the snow and ice and started some flooding and lots of mud. So my prayers were answered ... and we never need direct them in this way or that, but we are given what we need.
    Namaste, Little Brother~
    from SisSTAR

  2. Thanks for visiting and making a comment in my blog. Since I don't have your email address I will answer your question about the tornado here. No we don't have a basement to get in when it storms, Just go into the hallway. We had some bad ones all over the place yesterday all across out state and into other states joining us. I didn't hear of any deaths yet though. Thanks for asking your question. Have a nice day today. Helen


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