Thursday, September 09, 2010

One Last Shopping!

Yesterday was a spur-of-the-moment kind of decision.

As if it was ESP, Wifey and I both read each others' minds to decide making one last shopping trip to Geylang Serai Raya Bazaar for our last minute Hari Raya preparations.

Once we had broken our fast for the second last day before Aidilfitri, we just had to go down to the Raya bazaar to get the final touches stuff for our home deco.

Wifey wanted the throw cushions to "pop" and blend with the curtains, as the ones she already changed faded into the sofa.

"The flowers need changing..." was her comment and I agreed. There will not be anything different than last year if we stuck to the same flower arrangements from last year.

Contrary to the many home deco shows on cable TV, Malays here, including us, still prefer fake flowers than fresh ones as these are definitely durable and economical. The flowers can be washed clean from dust and be used again for a long time.

So we had an extra list of only throw cushion covers for the sofa and large ones on the floor, table runners for the coffee and dining table, and flowers to complete the Raya look for our home.

Most probably the real motivation for this extra list is the fact that both of us, especially me, love to soak in the chaotic ambiance while shopping at the Raya bazaar. It is a once a year kind of atmosphere where everyone is happy shopping for Hari Raya.

By this last days before the big celebration, the prices of many goods have fallen drastically like clearance sale. So cushion covers were 3 pieces for $10.00 and so were flowers. 3 stalks for $10.00 too.

It was a simple affair. We finished our shopping as quickly as we got there. Surprisingly, the place was not as jam-packed as we had expected. Most probably, the shoppers are waiting for the last day to get all the things they had already eyed on to buy as the prices can go as low as 70 to 80 percent.

Anything from carpets to Raya cookies, all will be sold off like a closing down sale. As pretty well known and tempting as it is, I had never done the very-last-minute shopping bit before. The very last crazy-knockdown-sale would probably be around midnight to 4:00AM in the morning, when the Raya bazaar is finally closed for the year.

It is a bittersweet thing for me. On one hand it is so exciting to get to the month of Syawal to celebrate Aidilfitri, on the other the excitement of preparing for the big day was coming to an end.

I keep saying it every year and every year I still feel the same... time flies so fast. I just cannot believe that the month of Ramadhan is leaving us very soon.

Here's to all Muslims around the world...

May your Ramadhan be blessed as a reward for your prayers
May you celebrate Aidilfitri, happy and triumphant.


  1. I'm sure you are keeping track of the news from the USA. I don't know what to believe, and I'm not asking you to explain it all. I hope the things I am hearing aren't right. All I know is that when I read your blog, I see a man who respects his parents, is proud of his son, and loves his wifie. I do hope these impressions are the ones that matter. May God help us all.

  2. Hello Donna,

    Thank you so much for stopping by all this time. Yes, I read it in the news and was shocked. It is as if the whole cycle is going to be repeated again with this stunt the church is pulling.

    Together with billions of Muslims everywhere, I condemn the senseless murders on 9-11.

    No! Islam does not condone such cowardice actions in the name of Allah as the murderers did on that day. No innocent people should die. It is an act by groups of people that uses the religion to advance their agenda. Not the Muslims worldwide.

    I am sad that unjustified things are happening in Palestine with the Israeli oppressions and cruelty to the rightful owners of the land but that should be a battle the world has to acknowledge and take action on quickly, led by the world leaders.

    Losing the lives of innocent people will never ceased with "an eye for an eye" take while the fighting is continuing, and it will continue partly because of this.

    Similarly, I will never condone the burning of bibles or any other holy book from any religion because all religions teaches good ways to promote peace within one's self and the people and environment around them. Never the opposite.

    It breaks my heart to learn of this news but God Almighty knows and will reveal what will happen next.

    Peace to all humanity.


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