Sunday, June 06, 2010

End To Begin

Today is family day out! My kind of fun.

With the month-long June school holiday kicks into gear, we have so many potential places and activities to do together as a family... I get endorphins just by thinking about it!

After an official family discussion last night, all three of us unanimously decided that we watch a movie today. The movie everybody had in mind spontaneously is Shrek, Forever After.

Wasting no time, I quickly booked it online at GV Tampines for the 4:25PM show. We are watching Shrek and his friends for the final time in 3D.

An avid fan of the friendly green ogre, this family has been watching his adventures from the very beginning, all on the big screen. The imprinted scene that everyone particularly love is the journey to the Far Far Away kingdom. Donkey's over-zealousness and "are we there yet" antics gave us the best laughter ever!

Each show has been very funny and entertaining. After watching each movie, we cannot wait to watch the next one. Well, the next one is here but it is "The Final Chapter" unfortunately.

Then again, like true-blue fans, we will have fun watching this last movie of our green ogre. Like Shrek, this family will be together forever after.


  1. We too are going to see this together...

    Hope it's awesome!

    Love, Jess

  2. What great taste in movies you and your family have. My youngest daughter Becky and me are anxiously awaiting to see this too.

  3. Hey I friend. I am glad to hear everything is ok. I hope you all enjoy the movie


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