Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thank You List

It started raining very early in the morning. I had to close my bedroom window because the wind was so strong that it blew mist into our room and onto our faces.

It started raining at 4:25AM and became very heavy throughout, even during our school-going, work-going hours at 6:30AM this morning. It poured continuously until about 10:00AM.

This is not a complaint. It is in fact a thank you to the heavens above for showering us with much needed water after over a 2-month dry spell. So here is my "Thank You" list for the rain this morning:

  • For making our sleep that much wonderful last night.

  • For clearing the air around Tampines that has been plagued with smells of burnt soot for many weeks.

  • For cleaning up the dust blown from the dried soil off the pavements and roads.

  • For the long-awaited drink and plenty of it too, on behalf of the dried and burnt trees, shrubs and grass across the island.

  • For filling up with fresh water in all the catchment areas in the island.

  • Specifically for filling up the Tiong Bahru Park's man-made pond again to complete its natural look as the arch bridge looked silly without water running under it.

  • For the fantastic blooms on all flowering trees and shrubs that are going to burst along the sides of the roads in a few days time.

  • For cooling the air at lunch time today from the searing heat we have been enduring.

  • Definitely, the fire-fighters are grateful to you after toiling with daily battles with bush and forest fires.

My camera is ready to take pictures of the greenery and the brilliant colours that will burst into view this weekend! Looks like I am going biking this weekend!

Thank you.

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  1. Heavenly Blessings to the rain for you, Muhd!! I am so glad that you have this break in the drought and will hope that it will continue to nourish all the living things that need it so much. I await your photos of the beautiful flowers! We have quite a way to go before we see flowers blooming, but that is the excitement of it. It is pouring rain here the last two days also and the snow has all gone. Hard to say if it will snow again, but Michigan has a slogan: "If you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes and it'll probably be different." I also thank you for visiting my blog and your comments ... and for posting a birthday greeting to our good friend, Rhiannon!
    You have yourself a good week. We are having a visit in a few minutes from our friend whose father just died Tuesday ... and I just had a call from my cousin's wife telling me that he has had to have hospice come...and yet, also, that they are going to be great grandparents, and another call just today that a good friend's daughter will be having her baby in less than two weeks. That is how life is, you know.
    Best to you and your family xo


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