Monday, November 09, 2009

Congrats To Sonny!

I had not much time to update but I just had to post this one because I am ecstatic about Sonny's achievements.

He scored 7 As in his mid year. I was happy that he had that many As from his 12 subjects that he is taking.

I have been offering him S$10 for every A that he can score. So I owe him S$70 for his mid-year exams. I challenged him to up his ante by telling him that I would give a bonus of S$100 if he could get 10 or more As from the 12 subjects.

He eagerly listened to my promise and... he delivered.

He scored 11 out of 12 subjects with As for his final year exam results. From academics to arts, to social studies... this does not include his yearly Gold that he gets for his NAFSA test or physical fitness test.

The only subject that he could not get even a decent B4 is... unfortunately, mother tongue. Our Malay language. Shameful as it may seem but the 11 other subjects stole the focus off this subject from us. He got a C5.

So, in terms of dollars and cents... I owe him S$110 for the eleven subjects with As and a bonus of S$100 for the ten and above subjects challenge to total to S$270. Adding the mid year money of S$70 that I still have yet to pay him, he is looking at a grand total sum S$340 for his academics effort!

All will be rewarded to him come bonus period in December.

"I love to see my bank account swell up like this." Sonny said surreptitiously, rubbing it in.

I may be set back about 300 bucks but I gain so much more. I can always earn money in life but this one special son of mine is totally priceless.

Congrats Sonny! I am very proud of you.


  1. WOW I know you and your wife and Sonny are all so proud. The money is a great reward for him and it's such an incentive for him as well.
    Sorry I haven't visited in awhile, but now that it's fall I hope to be on the computer more again.

  2. had better get saving up's going to be an expensive few years...but worth every penny...well done Sonny.

  3. Congratulations to Sonny for his hard work, and to you and Wifey for the love and support you have given him. He is certainly growing up to be a fine student and accomplished young man.

  4. Just checking in on you Muhd, to see if you and your family are doing okay? Hope to hear back from you...been thinking about you and your family.

    Love and Blessings,



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