Friday, May 15, 2009

Wild & High

My parents have lived in a 3-room flat in the old Woodlands housing estate for over 5 years now. When their last chick flew and left the nest, they moved from their larger 4-room flat in Tampines Street 22, a second home of 20 years, for a smaller, more manageable home on the west side of the island.

Tampines New Town was our first apartment building living we moved into when our village was taken over by the government for redevelopment.

Since I first noticed the grassy hill behind the block of flats opposite my parents' the first few times, I have always wanted to explore that patch of nature. Seeing the hill while waiting for a cab with my parents at the car park entrance, I was curious of what the hill was like at the top.

Little that I know it was already a public park for the residents there. The entrance to the park is obscured behind blocks of flats and its view is hidden by thick mature trees. Driving by or walking pass by the roadside does not reveal much of what is in store there.

My curiosity was further aroused when I visited a local Blogger's Seen This Scene That site about Woodlands Town Park East. It prompted me to visit the park the first chance got when I was at my parents' place.

I finally made an effort to visit the park after taking Dad back home from his cardiology appointment on Wednesday.

The large boulders seem to be the park's signature. From the entrance and upwards to the top of the hill, the pathways are lined with boulders and softened with a variety of flowering plants and bushes.

The large shades are provided mostly by the current blooms of the Tanjong trees, I believe. The noticeable sweet smelling flowers filled the air around the park as I explored the hill top.

The view at the top of the hill is beautiful and is not blocked by the block of flats around it. It is higher than the highest blocks of flats there... a nice change to see "forever" as far as the eyes can see.

Though there were many joggers and groups of people enjoying the cool afternoon breeze and the view, the whole place felt actually very serene and tranquil... very pleasing to me.

It is unfortunate that the park is not wheelchair or tram accessible. Else, my next spontaneous impulse would have been to bring both Mom and Dad to enjoy the park that is situated practically right in their backyard... so near, yet so far.

As the day was getting dark, and that I have to work the next morning, I did not get to explore the wooded area where the shaded path leads to. Nevertheless, I know I will be back there again to explore it further and downwards this time. I noticed the path also leads to a large pond at the bottom of the park separated by the road.

Hopefully, my parents may well be able to visit that portion of the park. Wifey has got to see this park as well. Slowly, but surely, she will be able to climb the gradual steps all the way up the hill to experience the view and tranquility the park has to offer all its visitors.


  1. Looks like a really peaceful place, and lovely.

  2. Ahhh You left such a nice note just now.
    We DO feel like we are on vacation with views east and west from our house.
    BUT we do miss our life for 3 years in an apartment in Singapore and then another 2 years in Tokyo. We loved city life, but as I described this is certainly country living although we are technically in the city limits.
    I'm like your wife... I don't like creepy animals on the ground at all.
    The pictures on your post today are beautiful.
    My husband, like you, loves his photography.
    That park and views are one thing we didn't see when we lived in Singapore.
    Have a good Sunday.

  3. Hi Muhd ~ Wish I had visited you a long time ago. What a lovely blog you have. Thanks for stopping by from Andrew's post.
    You picutures remind me of the Meditation Gardens near my daughter in San Diego, CA. Beautiful and peaceful.

    Also thanks for your chicken stories... I enjoyed reading them.

    A new friend

  4. Muhd...such beautiful pictures..its a shame that it is not wheelchair accessible!!! Your mom and dad would love it.

    Hope all is well with you and that your mom and dad are doing well too.

    Have a great week ahead and thanks for always visiting me even though I can't come by as often as I'd like.

    Love, Jess

  5. Wow, the grasshopper photo is INCREDIBLE! I also love the last one. Great job by you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I smiled when I saw your username, as I had been thinking of several bloggity friends and you were one that came to mind. And then...there you were! :)
    Have a great springtime week.

  6. Those close-up photographs are very beautiful!

  7. Isn't it always nice to know that something seemingly hidden can be found and explored in depth when you choose? Perhaps there will be a way for your parents to enjoy this park, but, if not, then consider it just for you, for all you do as a good son, husband and father, and brother. Sharing it with us here takes it out of its hiddenness and I, for one, found much peace and joy in looking at your photos. The little chameleon or lizard was cool! But I don't mind critters outdoors ... I just don't want them indoors! ;oD
    We are having a 3-day weekend in the USA with Memorial Day, a time to remember those who have died serving our country, but also any of our loved ones who have died. Perhaps I will go and take some dark purple iris we have growing to place on my parents' gravesite. Lots of yard work to be done but will find time for some fun also.
    Thanks for your kindness and sharing.

  8. Just enjoying these beautiful plants and flowers.


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