Tuesday, March 03, 2009

You're Home Dad!

Blessed with prayers from everyone, Dad is safely home again.

Back home to Mom who has been waiting for him ever so anxiously for almost a week... she thought it was only for an overnight observation, two nights at the most, but it dragged to a week instead.

Mom greeted him with wide smiles at the front door of their home, while their two teenage granddaughters by her side. Her children and grandchildren have been keeping her company at her home every day and night since Dad was warded in SGH.

I received a phone call early this morning from Staff Nurse Ria, bearing the good news that Dad was able to be discharged today. It made my day... and I am sure it made everyone's day too when I contacted them telling of the good news.

I took the afternoon leave off work and rushed to be at the ward by 12:30PM. The Oncologist Dr. Lo wanted update me of Dad's condition and the follow-up treatments that he needs before discharging Dad at 1:00PM.

By the time I reached there, Dad had already packed all his belongings... he sat there waiting for me with his clothes he came with already laid down on the bed beside him.

Upon noticing me, he gleamed and stood up.

"I've packed everything," Dad's first words to me as I salam him "I called your mother to inform her that I am going home."

I just nodded and gave a big smile. I was as happy as he was, "We have to wait for Dr. Lo to meet us before we can go..." I explained to Dad, "she will tell us what to do next and get your medications too."

Dad just nodded in agreement and started to pull the curtains around the bed to change his clothes, "I've checked the drawers. Everything is packed. Nothing if left behind."

I guess it was Dad's way of saying "I'd like to go home now!"

Dr. Lo could not come in person to meet us. She was attending to an urgent case and could not make it in time to be there. She called me instead to brief of Dad's condition and any questions that I had.

"The blood thining medication cannot be mixed with his Chemo...." she explained, "being at his age, the quality of life is important. So we concentrate on this heart first while we still monitor his lungs."

From the CT Scan, apart from the immediate his left heart aneurysm and thrombus detected, Dr. Lo had some not so good news to tell. The tumors in Dad's lungs have stayed the same size except for one that has grown slightly in size.

Since Dad is not feeling any pain and is alert and active, the practical thing to do is to just go about his daily life as normal as possible taking the Warfarin medication for the next 6 months.

Staff Nurse Ria came next. With that readily available warm smile, she briefed me the many follow-up appointments Dad has ahead of him.

First to come is next week Monday, 9th March 2009 for ACMO at National Heart Centre. Next, an appointment on 14th April 2009 with Dr. Lo at National Cancer Centre.

The third will be a Cardiac Investigation Test called 2Deho on 5th May at National Heart Centre Lab 2. After that, Dad's Cardiologist, Dr. Victor Lim will see him on 13th May 2009 for the results.

Whatever Dad needs to go through in the days ahead, we are so grateful that our prayers here, along with the prayers of my dearest blog friends all across the globe have been answered now.

I thank The Almighty for the many more opportunities we get to have with both Dad and Mom.

Oh yes, I saw another rainbow just yesterday on my way back from work.


  1. I know your dad is glad to be home. Nobody enjoys staying in the hospital.

    I love that you are seeing rainbows to cheer you during these trying times.

  2. I'm so glad he gets to go home and his spirits are up. Just one step at a time. That's what I had to do with my mom. Good luck with it all, and much blessings sent your way.

  3. Hooray he's home!
    Sending prayers to you in Singapore

  4. What wonderful news! I am so happy to read the news. I am sure that your mother is overjoyed too!

  5. Great news Imran and I agree this is important the quality of life, Your dad could out live any of us just pack as much life into today as the bible says Today has enough troubles of it's own to borrow more from tomarrow...We will pray in partnership with all....You should have a little party for him.....

  6. Did you take that rainbow photo... my goodness it's soooo beautiful and it looked like a double rainbow too...

  7. So glad to hear that your dad is home from hospital! I am continuing to pray!

  8. What touched my heart is when you said that your mom was there at the door with a smile on her face just waiting for her love to come home. How so sweet and lovely!

  9. I will continue to keep your father in my prayers.

  10. Checking in on Dad. I'm so glad he's not in any considerable pain and that he is again home. I do agree that quality of life is very important. He has SUCH a loving and caring family that I suspect that alone brings one's quality of life up immeasurably. I'm continuing to pray for your Dad and all who know and love him. And seeing another rainbow is wonderful!


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