Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lost In-terpretations

As a follow-up on my lucid dream I had posted, an office friend interpreted the following when I asked for his take on it:
  • The rows of lifts represent the many possible avenues for a solution to a problem that I am trying to resolve.
  • The lifts are easy solutions, but are not appropriate ones for now, so I have to look for another way.
  • This lift or solution that I take is a tough one and may look like a mistake.
  • Being stuck with the choice I make, I have to rely on someone's help to resolve it.
  • The lady who helps may not be an actual person, she may represent a tool for the solution.
  • The detailed description of the lady, including her name and all, may just be a distraction within the dream itself and may not be a true representation for any meaning.
  • I finally resolve the problem when I climb out of the lift.
  • Yet no closure for now since I have yet to reach my destination ... the ground floor where Wifey awaits.
Insightful... something to think about and to relate to these few days... I do not have an impending problem that I loose sleep over though, but an interesting interpretation nonetheless.

This friend of mine is sure talented in this "realm of the subconscious." He can sideline as a fortune teller or a Fenshui Master, but I would rather he keeps his day job.

I am fit enough, I may use the stairs down next time.


  1. Just a thought, but maybe it has to do with all the school things that your son has had going on recently. Like your friend says, decisions might be on your mind, even though they belong to someone else?

  2. Your friend sounds very intuitive. Perhaps he has missed his true calling in life:)

  3. Sorry it's been a while. I've been going through a lot lately. Waiting for the results of an MRI on my brain. Will find out on Monday at Drs. appt. after this weekend.

    About your dream...I read your post below this one and it sounds very interesting. I've done dream therapy for years and studied about dreams..i.e. meanings, etc. I've helped people maybe think about what might be going on and what certain things represent in their dreams. I'm going to look up some things about yours and then let you know when I can. Most important thing is the person who eventually figure out what it all means is the person who had the dream..your psyche and spirit soul is trying to tell you something or your trying to figure something out in our life.

    I had repetitive dreams for a few years about tigers and lions outside getting closer and closer to my house (when I was married and had a home) and after talking to someone who studies dreams I started studying too and started reading and writing about my dreams,etc. Finally I knew my goal in the dream was to "confront" the animal and to protect myself and so I had to kill I finally did in one of my dreams and I never had that same type dream again! I realized that the tiger and lion were parts of me (my strength and courage I needed) and also situations I needed to confront in my life..and so I did!

    They say we dream even more now these days as life is so hectic and busy for so many that we don't take the time to deal with some issues and things so they come to us in our dreams..and continue to until we do something about it. Dreams are a wonderful gift we've been given. Kind of a "built in therapist" so to speak!:o)

    I'm going to go read a bit about your dream..will come back when I can and run some things by you about it..see what you think.

    Have a wonderful and beautiful weekend..fall weather is finally coming here and it will be full of colors soon.



  4. sounds like a good idea bro! hehehe


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